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MJP April GoalsPhoto

1. Keep the momentum going by staying positive and proactive about my health. I realized last month that my way of thinking was all-wrong. I found myself saying, “I feel like shit.” Or “I’m in so much pain, I should probably stay in.” It only made matters worse, and I saw a significant boost in energy when I started to say, “I feel good.” (Even if it was a little white lie…)
2. Avoid Starbucks. Not because I’m on strike, but because I gave it up for Lent. I can’t let that expensive aroma tempt me when I walk by every corner on every street.
3. Write those three essays!
4. Meet Mindy Kaling. Who would have thought a celebrity would ever appear on one of these lists. I fancy myself one of those folks that think celebrities are just regular people. BUT she’s coming in town for SXSW, and I’ll be in LA for Paleyfest. (Thanks to my generous older sister!)
5. Cook something you’ve never cooked before. I have one dish that I cook over and over. The rest? Frozen meals and stellar sandwiches. (My poor husband) Time to step outside of my comfort zone in the kitchen.

PROS: The productivity of my health continues to move forward. I recognize negative thoughts much faster and banish those bastards away. As for meeting Mindy Kaling—I didn’t necessarily meet her, but I saw her twice in one month. So I’m calling it a win. And this past month I have been trying to cook a bit more. No, it’s not a recipe from Barefoot Contessa, but a girl has to start somewhere. And sometimes that somewhere happens to be premade meals from Trader Joes.

CONS: Forgive me—for I have sipped the nectar of Starbucks. Twice. Ugh, I know, I know. It won’t happen again. Promise! But I do hope I can get those essays finished. I start to write and then delete. I think it’s time I reread Bird by Bird.

1. Write three essays and submit. Upping the ante to help motivate me.
2. Nail down a daily routine. This is a goal that I’ve been trying to nail down for what seems like years. I crave structure, but lack the discipline to follow through. My solution? I’m having a friend check my daily calendar to make sure I’m not slacking off.
3. Donate. I need to remove clutter. Start fresh. I’ll start with my closet and move on to the pantry. It seems we have collected doubles of every spice. Garlic powder, anyone?
4. Get back to the gym at least three times a week. I’m turning into a human gummy bear.
5. Go on a weekly adventure one day a week. I have the ability to make my own schedule, so why not go check out things to get inspired? Now where in Austin should i go?




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MJP takes on CaliAbove: Took this photo when I landed at the airport, because I was THAT excited to see palm trees. Seriously.
lagunaAbove: My sister and I took a ride down the coast to spend some time in Laguna. I serenaded her with the Laguna Beach theme songand then The Hills theme song… And later.. The O.C. theme song… Not annoying at all.
MJPAbove: The salad above was as good as it looks. And then some.MJPAbove: Before we headed to L.A we stopped by The DryBar to get our hair did. I picked out a style called The Mai Tai because it sounded pleasing to both my stomach and my head. The photo on the right was a boutique in Laguna. LC was nowhere to be found.MJPAbove: After elbowing a sea of tourist, I took this photo of the Hollywood sign. It’s both original and exciting.MJPAbove: Paleyfest at the Dolby Theatre! The photo on the left is the panel from The Mindy Project. The photo on the right is just me admiring Audrey Hephurn holding her Oscar, as I hold a box of sweet tarts. Oscars were not sold at concessions. 696cdc3cb3be11e3860d0e19eeb9971f_8

Now my older sister loves to take care of people. If she sees any family member, friend or even stranger stressed out—she’s there to help. The word selfless doesn’t even cut it. So when she called me with an invite to visit her in California, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Her reason? The Mindy Project (a show we’re both in love with) was going to have a panel at Paleyfest, and she wanted to go with someone that would appreciate it on her level. Which is pretty much an Oprah’s Favorite Things kind-of-level, guys.

For a minute she almost has me fooled. Of course, I’ll come to California and help you see that awesome thing in that awesome city and see that awesome person I look up to (Mindy Kaling). But of course, I figured she was doing it for me. When you struggle with intrusive anxieties, they tend to circle back around and around and around. A cycle that is difficult to break without a change.

Hence, California.

It was just what I needed. I gained perspective by the ocean, distanced myself from my rotation of worry, and regained my strength as I saw D list celebrities leaving Anthropologie at The Grove. Froyo was on every corner and Proactive vending machines had Adam Levine’s face on them. But truly the best part was just hanging out with my sister and meeting her friends. I just tried to leave my worries by the water.

Thanks again, Chris. Love you.



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Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Remember SXSW? It came. Blew our minds and then left. And a few weeks ago, I talked about the style trends that I saw walking/cycling/catching a Chevy around Austin during SXSW on the Langford Market blog. And one of those trends just happened to be a denim jacket. And yours truly felt like the Nieman Marcus Cusp event on Rainey was the perfect place to wear one.

Okay, really I was just running late and grabbed something with sleeves…

BUT this GAP denim jacket has stuck with me in times of need for TEN years. Which is more than I can say about a lot  of things. If you guys don’t have this denim jacket, you need to get one. Even when the denim fads fade, your jacket will still be going strong. High five 18 years old, Michelle! You made at least one wise shopping decision in 2004.



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Stylish Women MJP photos: Jak and Jil

Everything I own seems sloppy. Jeans bag out at the knees and tops fall short in the back. I’ve become frustrated with my closet and often refuse to get dressed at all. And this disheveled style (sweatpants, t-shirts, no makeup, and questionable hair styles) will never elevate me personally or professionally. I can’t take myself seriously. I miss wearing outfits that give me a certain confidence. Although, I have a few in my closet that do my style justice, I need a bit more direction.

It’s time to take a note from the stylish editors above. Here’s how they keep it simple and stylish:

1. Try a white tee: (no this does not mean you have to buy a $200+ shirt—that’s insane) A white tee pairs well with almost anything.
2. Jackets are our friends: a tailored blazer is the one piece that never goes out of style. Try pairing it with a simple t-shirt or a button-down.
3. Wear a skinny jean: these jeans show off your figure and allow you to wear something with a bit more movement on top. And guess what? You can be curvy and still wear them.
4. Tuck in the button-down shirt: I don’t do this too often, but I’ve always loved the look. It’s a classic editor move.
5. Simple skirts do remarkable things: may it be pencil or A-line—these lines will make you feel like the principal of style.
6. Don’t overthink the hair: when your clothes are a bit more refined, I find a bit of messy hair makes for a good balance.
7. Invest in the right shoe: this means classic in color or style and yes, comfortable!
8. Dark shades: who are you? A famous person? No one knows. Go with it.
9. Layer a few bracelets: is the arm party over? Not really. All the ladies above stack their wrist like royalty.
10. Be confident: think Bey.



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Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset In a room full of 2000+ people, I sat third row, trying to remain composed as the inner fan-girl inside me attempted to escape Shawshank-style. I don’t get too up in arms about celebrities. Everyone eats, sleeps, and well… yeah, you know. But when it’s someone whose work you admire and he or she seems like an overall decent human being with an actual personality—you can’t help but get a little enthusiastic. So let’s just call it that. I was enthusiastic that Mindy Kaling was at SXSW.

And there was a major bonus: Adam Pally and Ike Barinholtz came along to Austin.

Now, The Mindy Project is the one and only night that I own the TV. My husband cannot put on a game or a television series about pawning history memorabilia. It’s mine (and he respects that I might add). I’ve always admired Mindy as a woman, writer, and individual that remains authentic. As for Ike and Adam, I think Ike is a brilliant writer and Adam Paley is a comedy mastermind.

Marie Claire‘s Editor-in-Chief, Anne Fulenwider led this discussion like the stylish pro that she is, and I thought I’d share my favorite quotes:

Mindy: I’ve felt that constantly people assume that I’m not funny. People will think you’re not funny because of the way you look.

Mindy: You can’t get hung up on thinking, ‘Am I the victim of this situation?’ No, I’m in charge of it.

Adam: As an actor I’ve learned you can get away with messing up if you just tell people it’s a choice. Like I was so hungover that I almost missed this panel and that was a choice.

Ike: Much like Kim Jong-un, she rules with an iron fist, and sometimes in that fist is a rose.

Ike: You’ve got a Maxim vibe at a Marie Claire panel
Adam: If I have a Maxim vibe at a Marie Claire panel that basically means I have rufis on me.

Mindy: There’s this mentality that there can only be a woman who is successful and funny and running her own show and if there’s more than that you must hate each other.

Mindy: I have to leave my job to talk about how important it is for women of color to have jobs, but if I want to go do my job, they say I’m not supporting women. My life is constantly disappointing people politically.

Mindy: I’m a fucking Indian woman who has her own fucking network show. (If you need more context about this quote, you should read this Huffington Post article)